Lovenuts Series

The interactive and discreet vibrator controlled by an app with more fun.

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All About Privacy.

Thanks to its cute appearance, flashlight functionality that works as a disguise.

Lovenuts is the ultimate stealth vibrator. Its vibrator functionality can only be unlocked from your device via Bluetooth.

Nobody will know your sexy secret. They will think it is only a flashlight.Take Lovenuts with you on vacation and breeze through customs hassle-free.


Move it, Move it !

There are currently 3 built-in vibration modes – car, squirrel, and washing machine.

And the frequency and intensity of each mode can be customized to reflect your very own sexual taste and style.


Make Fun with Remote Controll.

In a long-distance relationship or just needing some fun when your partner is not around?

Lovenuts features a handy video call option! It can be controlled via your partner’s app for more intimacy.


And so much more.

Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging

Powerful but Silent Viberation

Powerful but Silent Viberation

Medical Materials

Medical Materials

Water Resistant

Water Resistant

Designed for Everyone.

Design for Everyone

And Colors for Everyone.

Colors for Everyone

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